This page viewed over 8, times a month and kept current! For more information call Kim at Including free advertising on the website and magazine. Click here to see GMC Motorhomes that have sold via this listing! Come out to the Port Townsend in Jefferson county. Here is the list of the major things I have done in the past two years:. Motorhome is in very good condition. Mostly original interior and a permanent bed in back, replacing the rear fold-down seats.

Dash air conditioning does not work. Mechanically good. Has the Olds This is a very decent and clean coach which will restore very nicely. Motorhome has 81, miles on the clock, Onan Gen-set is a mystery, but repairable. Sale includes a very nice, extra Air bag. This GMC comes with a clean title. The gentleman I purchased it from had owned it for several year from Vashon Isle. Engine runs goodmiles. Transmission is questionable. Pretty much original.

Ragusa step. Pod on top. Both vehicles have been lovingly cared for and can be sold separately.She was originally conceived to allow for a long term road trip of the USA and Canada with modern drive train reliability, all modern conveniences coupled with classic GMC Motorhome looks.

She started life as a Birchaven, the body was removed and custom modified to mount on top of a Workhorse LF bus chassis with 6. Often described as a hybrid between a Motorhome, a private jet and a hot rod, she provides luxurious accommodation for two adults. Tire pressure monitoring systems. LED interior lighting. On an mile drive from Colorado to California she gave an average of 18mpg.

She gets attention everywhere she goes so be ready to chat. Disclaimer Some of the links in all posts may be affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you end up purchasing their product or service. You will never pay more by using my link compared to what you would pay if you went directly to their website; in fact you may receive an exclusive discount.

GMC Motorhome: Transmissions…it’s gonna be a long 1

And it helps me keep the site running! Sweet looking GMC Motorhome. I find it more attractive than most motorhomes of the same vintage, except for the Travco and the FMC R. I just found it for sale on Craigslist a couple years ago.

A True Budget Junkyard LS Swap

I almost scored a nice FMCR last month but was too late for it. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Posted in Sharing is Caring. Loren Nason. What a great looking traveling vehicle is it for sale. Norm schaub on August 9, at am. Ron snider on February 17, at pm. Loren Nason on February 17, at pm. It was for sale. Not by me. I found it on Craigslist 2 years ago. It is for sale. Contact me. Car Nut Seattle on March 1, at pm.

Loren Nason on March 5, at pm.This engine was utilized exclusively as the stock engine for the GMC motorhome from through Then came the oil embargo and fuel shortages in the s. That made sales slow and therefore a change in the stock GMC motorhome engine came forth in where GMC started using the Oldsmobile engine.

This made a small difference in fuel economy at the time. I have not personally heard a big difference on GMC motorhome fuel economy from those who own them today. In this article we are going to discuss both the stock GMC motorhome engine and those that have been used as swaps. Along with a discussion of these engines I will be providing source links to pick them up as well.

The most common GMC motorhome engine is by far the Oldsmobile rocket. Which is the original engine used stock, in my GMC I had the as well. Taking this engine and rebuilding it for marine applications has become very popular. This is because it was a very durable engine that handles a rebuild very well. If I was going to stay with a stock engine it is the only choice for me.

Below are crate engine source links for the engine. Above is a playlist showing videos of multiple different types of GMC motorhome engines used from the actually stock engines through different swaps that I could find.

The first video in the playlist is of my Oldsmobile top end tear down. Both my head gasket and my exhaust gasket were leaking. In addition when we took the heads to be cleaned up at the machine shop, I found out that one of the heads was cracked as well.

If you end up with one of these motorhomes with the and need to do a top end job. I think this playlist will be a big help. The GMC motorhome engine was substantially smaller than the and was only found in models from to The primary accepted reason for GMC to end the motorhome division was that they could produce 10 pickup trucks for every single motorhome in the same factory space.

Therefore, simply economics of profitability ended the division despite it being ahead of its time. Some classic GMC motorhome enthusiasts say that the gives better fuel economy, but not many. And most of those that I know of who have them tell me that they notice a major difference in power while towing.

But, if you want to do a swap to the or you want to replace your current you will find crate engine sources below. There have been several different engine swaps for the GMC motorhome that have had some level of success being performed.

These swaps have been on both the gasoline side and the diesel side. I know of 3 different diesel engine swaps that have been done and 2 different none stock gas engine swaps that have been completed.I am leaving the old page at the bottom until I have the new information up. Follow me as I tell about an exciting new motor program.

In fact, over the years, I have sought to answer this issue. I was first challenged by a good friend and GMC owner, Arch as he likes to be called. He was attending a rally here in Florida which from Carbondale Ill.

This is a bittersweet part of this business, I got word from Arch last week that his ole girl went under the floor recently. Born from a legitimate pilgrimage to power the GMC best. A service writers job at a repair center is to first determine if the vehicle coming in for service is something they can work on. Do they have the expertise, tools and equipment, parts and can see that the vehicle has not been modified beyond a reasonable point where they can fix it.

If you an explain that your GMC is nothing more mechanically speaking than a Toronado, chances are good you will be able to find help. I would not want to flip that coin!

gmc motorhome ls swap

No, we feel that powering the GMC with the original and Olds motors is the right thing to do. The right thing for maintenance and repair, the right thing because we feel the folks putting together the GMC had it right. I cut my teeth in motors with the Mopar Hemi and let me tell you that you had better eat your Wheaties is you want to pick up a or a Hemi crankshaft! With the fact that these motors were originally in the coach, thousands were produced for everything from the family 4 door sedan, racing application to our coach— there are plenty of cores still available and many aftermarket manufacturers are still making parts for the and motors.

There was a time when we investigated engine swaps to the larger Chevy motors. After an install we found the modifications were too great and the final outcome was a morphodite that no one on the road would work on! No, sorry but for my money a motor swap is simply not cost effective and reliable in my book. What about Diesel? There have been some diesel motor swaps and my hat goes off to those who have undertaken this job. Diesel motors product torque and economy— 2 things that really do fit our application and they work but again when you think about serviceability on the road and maintenance— oh and the expense swapping to a diesel, while it may be pretty cool and all, really is not a viable option if you consider the whole picture.

No offense to those who have but once again, for my money, diesel is not the answer. OK, so beating up that question, I hope you understand why I feel the and power plants built up for our unique application is the right decision.

What does the motor need to do: Next, to answer the question at the top of the page, you need to first talk about what a power plant in a GMC needs to do.

First and foremost, it needs to be reasonably priced. Why would I say that first? It takes a long time to justify spending big bucks for a power plant. A reliable, economic motor for your GMC needs to run well on regular grade gas. We want out motor design to run correctly with the lower grade fuels. We use special low compression pistons to allow you to get the maximum performance from low octane fuels— this is a critical issue and one not easy to address.

The oil formulations available today are changing.

gmc motorhome ls swap

This is an extreme solution to a serious problem which usually puts the cost of a replacement motor out of reach for most of our budgets. We build only roller cam motors for the GMC because we all know we must all adapt ourselves to the future— anything less and you are kidding yourself! As we have all been drilled in seminars on our parts supply pipeline, parts today are not what they used to be.

Offshore manufacturers and foreign processes and materials are being built. You cannot assume the part you purchase will fit. Products make you think you can have it all and it be cheaper than you ever thought. Does this mindset sound familiar? Our new process now has as a process checking every part for accuracy and quality.

This is so important but time consuming— but— and this is the key, this stage of a motor build now MUST happen and thats a big plank in our motor program.To some this might be the amount of money you set aside each month for bills or the amount of money you have to buy a car.

Having a financial budget is almost a necessity in all aspects of life, from your personal check book to running multi-billion dollar corporations. The major difference in the LQ4 engine is that they are cast iron instead of aluminum.

gmc motorhome ls swap

Bolting a set of LS6 heads to the iron block, the LQ4 was born. The and model year engines had cast iron heads with all other model years sporting the cast aluminum heads. The beefy iron block and the 4. For junkyard engine builds, this is a very desirable engine. Some have made 1, horsepower on this block. This serial anti-theft system is only defeatable through ECM reprogramming. You should plan on having the ECM re-flashed when installing this into your transplant vehicle.

The 4. A basic LS1 still demands a pretty penny with their proven performance and popularity. We had to stick to our guns on this one and maintain going the cheaper route. The LQ4 is a 6. These are on the lower end of the pricing scale, as most people are looking for all-aluminum engines. With our decision made to use the LQ4 engine, the hard part came about when trying to source one. Even if we did find what we were looking for, we would have to pull the engine and hope that it was in decent shape, and not need a rebuild.

This saves us hours, if not days,and more importantly-headaches. Another great feature of Just Chevy Trucks is the motor is percent complete, including the wiring, sensors, accessories, and everything else on the engine. Buying an aftermarket harness and all of the accessories could add up quick and blow our budget.

They looked in their inventory and found a great LQ4, with onlymiles on the clock. The best part, was they have a video of it running, before pulling:. But we needed a transmission as well. The 4L80E that was bolted to this engine was picked up after being rebuilt by Dr.

With the drive train package complete, they put them on a crate and shipped them out to us. When the time came to swap the engine and transmission into our car, there was a list of things that we needed to consider: motor mounts, radiator and hoses, wiring and computer, transmission and mount, exhaust, oil pan, fuel delivery, and driveshaft modifications. While they are similar in size, the engine mounts are different. We went with the top machined pair.

These were free, and much smaller than the LS motor mounts that came on the engine. To make the frame horns we sacrificed a pair of frame mounts from a Chevelle.

Gmc motorhome engine replacement

With a lot of measuring and a little bit of welding we had the engine sitting nicely in the engine compartment. This is one of the most crucial parts when swapping in an LS engine. You need to check for clearance and fitment with all parts of the engine, the drivetrain, the serpentine system, even hood clearance.

Getting the engine in this spot was by far the most time consuming part of the swap, but saved us hours of headaches later. Cooling System. Every radiator is going to be different for every application, but this is something to consider.

We could have called up a radiator company and had them custom make one specific for this car. This required us to cut and reweld the factory radiator mounts, but no big deal there. Within an hour, we had the cooling system squared away.The first part that will put the GMC in a museum is the transmission.

There is only one we can use. Front wheel drive transmissions after that date were too light duty to last and the fact that no one really supports that weaker one……. Because of all that and the fact of their age though, we are loosing transmissions and the expertise to repair them. We are loosing then because some of the major components in the transmission are no longer available. Another coor must be found to build up. Also, because there was only one designed to fit and again the age we are also loosing the expertise to put them together the way we need them to pull 12, pounds.

Replacing the defective part, clean it up and put a gasket kit in is about all you get from this type of shop. A performance shop knows their rebuilds will be stressed and must have the best attention to the details as possible. Specs sometimes are changed to beef up the build. The key is the attention to detail. Here is the whole thing…. THAT is our problem! Until recently we have been blessed with a GMC enthusiast who had taken upon himself to keep our transmission fires going offering the community properly built performance transmissions at a production builder cost and we all should give his all the thanks and adulation and for the most part the community did.

Supporting him supported ourselves because the part could be had. Actually we got lazy because he took care of us. But after building over transmissions himself it was not fair taking so much time from his real life. Knowing all good things one day must end……. We are back to searching for a production builder who will take the time to do transmissions the way we need them.

But just like trying to get a Delmonico steak and Burger King…. If a builder sells a transmission for less than he paid for to build it his check book will tell him how many he can build. And if you are looking for a performance built transmission at the process of a production one…brother someone will not be happy in the long run. Quality, price, speed…pick 2………. I mean we MUST have as strong a transmission as we can find….

Everyone, us as well as other dealers and GMC owners need a quality transmission. As you know, being focused on all aspects of a motorhome restoration we have to have the best of parts to put into our projects. I mean we do sell parts but some things we have professionals in their field to build component parts with their knowledge……. So here is what I cam up with for our restorations and for that matter anyone else who needs a seriously built grinder box…………it happens that one of the number one hot rod performance transmission builders is here in Florida.

Monster Transmission is in Brooksville 2 hours drive from us and 5 miles from our Honda generator guru Pinellas Power Products. Let me introduce you to Monster GMC 1. This is a balls to the wall badass transmission specifically built for us. Traffic sucked as usual down here and I lucked out dodging rain though it was wrapped in plastic…. I wanted to hand the box on the wall! And our baby is now home ready to go in Monday into our next delivery and in just enough time. I hate rushing around…we had sent another tranny over for building 2 months ago.

OK…so I can hear the question…How much! Well remember we were lulled into thinking a production priced transmission is all we need. Go to their web site and read their full warranty sheet. Call them direct, ask for Gary when you call, he knows exactly what you want!Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how! Send Private Topic View Profile. What type of distances do you plan on driving? Are you planning to keep it for a long time?

BB is the way to go. A gear vendor overdrive would help on very long drives. The 70's BB didn't make a lot of power. A or would easily make the torque and power of those BB. I agree totally. These motorhomes are one place where there really is no substitute for cubic inches. In an application like this, the Cad engines will outperform anything else you could find for anywhere near the price. Mike, What do you think a decent one in fairly original condition is worth? Seems to be a common theme.

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gmc motorhome ls swap

Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. Page 1 of 2. Most are advertised as having had major motor work at some point in their life, and most having less than 60k miles on them. In the event that I end up with one, and in the event that the motor craps out, could I swap out the or Olds motor for a crate sbc using an adapter plate on the bell housing side of the motor? Crazy question I know, but thanks for any thoughts.

However, these RVs usually need a reasonably high torque motor to be able to push the RV down the road. It might be wiser to stick with a BOP or Cadillac big block motor, because these are higher torque motors. This Cadillac swap is a particularly good swap on the front wheel drive versions of the GMC motorhome with the front drive th in them. There have been some turbocharged aftermarket versions of the Cadillac used in these motorhomes with good results.

I would avoid using a sbc with the front wheel drive th, because the gearing inside the front wheel drive versions is too tall for a sbc to work effectively. They switched from the to the for '77 and ' I have seen the caddy as the preferred swap, as Vaughn said above. Right now I'm working and have 3 smallish kids, and we like to camp. We two a vintage canned ham camper around to bluegrass festivals during the summers in Upstate NY.

I might tow that thing miles a year I'm guessing?